Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch Ushers in Sweater Weather

Chantal Joaquin-Starrett | August 16, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Starbucks announced its earliest release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (a seasonal cult hit in the beverage world) to date, with customers seeing it on their local menus as early as August 28th of this year.

Why is this important?

Because it gives me a free pass to write about all things Fall. Rejoice, fellow non-bikini bodies! Sweater season is upon us at last!

While you’re getting out all your favorite tummy-tucking fall fashion that you so lovingly stored away last year, take a few extra moments to inspect the boxes or containers for any wear or damage. If you notice tears, holes, or creases in the box that may prevent it from sealing properly, it’s better to replace it than risk your summer clothes being ruined during the winter. Wardrobe boxes are a great way to keep clothing neat and wrinkle free and can help eliminate snagging between zippers or buttons that can occur with more delicate items.

Inspecting these containers can also clue you in to any issues that may have been going unnoticed in your home. If you are seeing water or insects near or on your boxes, it’s probably a good sign that you need to inspect your attic or crawlspace for leaks or other unsealed points of entry.

When storing clothing it is imperative to avoid using mothballs at all costs. Mothballs are nearly constructed of nearly 100% active ingredients (naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene) and wreak havoc on your overall health. Not only are you inhaling high quantities of insecticide when you smell them, but the insecticide transfers to your clothing and comes into contact with your skin when wearing clothes that have been stored near them. If clothes have been previously stored with mothballs, be sure to thoroughly launder them until there is no scent remaining before wearing them. Cedar chips are a natural and safe alternative for extra protection against pests with the added bonus that they smell positively delightful, which is perhaps why it is one of the highest selling fall candle scents directly under that coveted pumpkin spice.

While sealing containers and taking steps to deter pests are great initial ways to protect stored clothing and items, don’t forget about the reason you’re storing in the first place; the temperature is dropping! Cold temperatures can cause plastic bins and tubs to become brittle and crack. If your attic or storage area is not temperature controlled, it may be wise to rent a small heated and cooled storage closet like the ones offered at StorPlace to keep your items safe. Those aforementioned wardrobe boxes? You can get them there!

Many storage facilities have no issues with customers placing containers of cedar chips in their units for extra protection, but always check with your local manager before proceeding. 

On the home front, be sure to inspect the entrances to your home for gaps or airspace before the temperature drops too low. It’s much better to do this before you need to turn the heat on rather than realizing you have an insulation problem only after picking yourself up off the floor from the price tag on your electric bill. The fluffiest Fall scarves on Earth can’t cushion that particular kind of fall, trust me. A quick way to check weather stripping is by opening a door, placing a piece of paper in the entryway and closing the door. The paper should not slide back and forth easily. If it does, the weather stripping isn’t doing its job and should be replaced. Also, now’s the time to re-caulk around windows and door casings, if needed.

Arguably some of the most enjoyable things about Fall are the ways in which we keep the cold at bay and stay comfy. Fluffy scarves, comfortable flannels, warm drinks, and cozy candles all serve that purpose and go the extra mile by bringing a sense of calm and peace of mind to our lives in the chilly season. In the spirit of a safe and comfortable season, channel the inner Pumpkin Spice Latte in you and go the extra mile to ensure the things you love transition safely and happily into winter as well.

From all of us at StorPlace Self-Storage,


Chantal Joaquin-Starrett
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