Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying...

"Dear Judy: thank-you so much for your kind support during the flood. Your assistance with storage made all the difference..."

-Gloria (Nashville flood victim)

"Laurie (StorPlace Manager) made the business transaction timely, efficient, and helpful. Our county and city are fortunate to have this great new facility (StorPlace of Hendersonville) as an integral part of the supply chain of locating people, places, and things."

-Jimmy J, President and CEO

"Thank you for having taken care of TWO of my recent clients. I am glad things worked out. As a Real Estate Agent, I realize and value the importance of a roster of suppliers (StorPlace Storage Centers) that are dependable, reliable, honest, and responsive."

-R.D. Agent, National Real Estate Firm

"Thanks for being so sweet and caring!!!! I am so blessed by wonderful people like you!!"

-Cynthia (a tenant at StorPlace of Franklin)

"Words cannot describe how appreciative I was when you (Judy with StorPlace) returned my last minute distress call looking for a storage unit for my client, who was inconvenienced by the moving company (name not mentioned) due to their error in double-booking..."

-A real estate agent with Parks Properties