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Organize Your Closet with Wardrobe Boxes


Organize Your Closet with Wardrobe Boxes

It’s amazing how many things we do in life because that’s the way we learned to do it!  In my case, that’s the way my mama did it, and if it was good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!!

My mama always “retired” our out of season clothes to a box, that either went under the bed, or was stored in the shed until we were ready to pull them out for the next use. (I’m one of seven kids and there just wasn't room for all those clothes in the closets at one time!)  When we took the clothes out of the boxes, guess who got to iron them?  Moi!! (Me!  I like to throw in some French!)

When I grew up and got married, I realized really quick that keeping the closet organized would continue to be a seasonal event. I would fold all my out of season clothes and store them in plastic tubs.  Then I got smart! I’d store them in a storage unit until the next season instead of cluttering up my garage.  Okay, it took me a little longer to get really smart and buy the wardrobe boxes StorPlace sells and store the wardrobe boxes in my storage unit!  These boxes are great because you don't have to fold, unfold or iron. You just move the hanging clothes from your closet to the box and pack it away until next season. Yes! I eliminated having to iron all those clothes before they went back into use! Okay, I actually threw them in the dryer and took my chances that all the wrinkles would come out!  Who likes to iron? Anyway, mama would have loved the wardrobe boxes and the other boxes they sell at StorPlace!!  The wardrobe boxes let your clothes hang neatly inside on the built in rod.

If you are using plastic storage boxes or other boxes to store your out-of-season clothes, those clothes that you have “outgrown” but just can’t part with, the baby clothes that you are saving for the next one, or the grandkids (I mean saving clothes for the grandkids – not storing the grandkids!), why not pack them up and bring them to a StorPlace Storage Center close to you?  They have storage in Nashville, storage in Bowling Green and storage in Murfreesboro too.  Check out the tips & tricks they have to help you store your belongings.  There’s a chart to help you decide what size unit you need (or one of their friendly managers will be happy to help).  I promise you that if you need some extra storage space to organize your closet or you life you will be glad you checked out StorPlace.