EasyCode FAQ

Where do I go for help if I’m having issues in my app?

• If you’re a tenant - reach directly out to your storage facility for assistance.

If you are unable to enroll with the site key provided to you, please make sure you are not entering the key where it says Authorization Code. Contact your facility if the issue continues, and they will assist.

My gate won’t open! Why?

• Gates will only open when your phone is within a certain distance of the self-storage facility (a GeoFence perimeter). If you’re outside of this perimeter, the gate will not process any attempts to open. If you are on site and the gate is still not opening, please call your self-storage facility for assistance.

Why does EasyCode 2.0 want access to my microphone? Can I turn it off?

• Your phone microphone is not required to use EasyCode but is utilized when calling the site directly from the app. To remove this feature, go to Settings and toggle off Voice Recognition.

Why does EasyCode automatically log me out? Can I change that?

• EasyCode utilizes an automatic logout feature for extra security. You can turn this off by going to Settings and turn off auto logout.

• You can alternatively keep the auto logout function, and prefill your login information by following these steps:

On the Login screen, below your email and password, select Remember Me. The next time you go to log in, your email and password will be preset and allows you to sign in quickly.

If you forget your password, open the app, tap Login, then Forgot Password.

How do I recover my email and/or password?

• If you forget your password, navigate to the login screen. Click Login. Then, select Forgot Password underneath the ‘Next’ button. Next, fill in your email address to reset the password. If you do not know your email address, please call your storage facility.

How do I turn on/off email and text notifications?

• In your Settings, there are two options to toggle on/off notifications. To turn off Email Notifications or SMS Notifications, tap the toggle.

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FAQ provided by PTI Security Systems the makers of EasyCode.