Storing Magazines and Memories

Chantal Joaquin-Starrett | June 6, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

At one time in my life, I bought every “Song Hits”, “Hit Parader”, and every other magazine about the music industry sold! If it had the lyrics to the popular songs on the radio, I bought it!  I plunked my 75 cents (I think) down and took the magazines home and learned all the lyrics, amazed my friends and then . . . Wow! I just knew I was gonna be a star!!  When I finally had a reality check, and realized that first you needed to be able to sing . . . well that’s when I realized that I had a lot of magazines I couldn’t bear to part with, but besides being in the way, they weren’t really doing anything for my life!  I had them stacked in boxes all over my mama’s house!  After a while, what with moving them here and there (my mama was holding on to them for me) the banana boxes I got from the grocery store and the liquor boxes (don’t tell anybody mama let me have liquor boxes in her house!) fell all to pieces and the magazines got thrown away!

Well, that was years ago and nobody had ever heard of self-storage in Nashville! There was no such thing as Murfreesboro storage centers either!  Mostly we just stuck stuff under our beds or turned our garage into a storage shed!  (Not in the closet, ‘cause we only had one, and mostly we used that for clothes!) Oh, if they only had a Storage center in Nashville when I was a kid! I could have bought good strong storage boxes so they would hold up, and rented a storage unit to store them in!  I could sell them now for a fortune! (Those magazines sell for about $10 a piece on eBay today!)   Hindsight is 20-20 they say!!

Now that we have storage in Murfreesboro and Nashville I have learned about storing magazines. By the way, whenever you are storing books or magazines, smaller boxes are better than big boxes!!  I know! Ya just want to get the stuff CONTAINED and bigger seems better but … paper is heavy and a big box can soon get too heavy to move!  Also, big boxes tend to get floppy sooner (remember the banana boxes?)  And smaller boxes take up less space and are great for fitting in that spot that’s left over, right on the end there!

Here is another tip about storing books, magazines or anything really. Don’t forget to label the outside of the boxes!  When somebody calls me looking to buy one of my treasures, I don’t want to have to rely on my memory as to where I last put it!  

We have a StorPlace just down the street to help us now with all our packing and storage needs. Whether you are storing books, magazines, dishes or pet toys, StorPlace has a box that is just the right size and a storage unit in Nashville, Murfreesboro or even Bowling Green if you need one.  StorPlace sells special boxes made for your dishes and mirrors, wardrobe boxes and even mattress covers!

StorPlace has storage locations in middle Tennessee and even in Bowling Green Kentucky. Watch for one sprouting up in your area if there isn’t one already close! They have clean storage units in all sizes some even heated and cooled! (Wouldn’t my magazines have loved that?)  They sell all kinds of supplies to help you store your valuables, and even your past like my “Song Hits” magazines, as well!  They have packing tape, and the dispenser to go with it, bubble wrap, newsprint (for padding your valuables), mattress covers. I bet you can’t think of a thing you would need for storing your stuff that they don’t sell at reasonable prices!  And they’ll even give you a great big smile and loan you a cart to roll all those boxes to your storage unit!  As Monty Hall would say “Come on down!”

Chantal Joaquin-Starrett
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