The Best Practices for Storing Your Electronics at StorPlace Self Storage

The Best Practices for Storing Your Electronics at StorPlace Self Storage

Admin | November 18, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Electronics are everywhere. From computers, tablets, printers, to gaming consoles and televisions, these devices have become of life. Whether you're running a small electronics business or simply need to stow away some gadgets, ensuring their proper storage is crucial for longevity. Here are some tips to preserve your electronics while storing with StorPlace Self Storage.

Climate Controlled Storage is Important

Opting for a climate controlled self storage space is a smart investment. While it may cost more than non climate controlled standard units, the benefits out weigh the cost. Climate controlled storage keeps electronic components from expanding, contracting, cracking, or rusting.

Strategic Labeling and Detailed Inventory

Whether you're storing personal or business electronics, labeling your items is important. Create a detailed inventory that specifies the components of each storage box. After wrapping them up, label each container with its contents. For business electronics, keep track of purchase cost and selling price. When storing personal items, label them by who's stuff it is and what items they are. Additionally, photographing items, especially those in original packaging, provides documentation for potential insurance claims in case of theft or damage.

Once packed, input all inventory details into a spreadsheet for easy reference.

Mindful Storage Unit Packing Techniques

For electronics sold wholesale, retaining original packaging is ideal. Even for personal gadgets, especially larger items like computers and televisions, keeping original boxes. They are designed with specific compartments for secure placement. If original packaging is unavailable, try out storage boxes or plastic bins.

Here's a Quick Packing Guide:

  • Strengthen the box bottom with external tape. Internal tape also helps out as well.
  • Place crumpled packing paper on the box's interior bottom.
  • Wrap each small item in bubble wrap before placing it inside.
  • Bundle cords neatly, securing them with zip ties, and label them according to the device.
  • Wrap cords in bubble wrap or store them in resealable plastic bags.
  • Use crumpled packing paper to fill empty spaces, providing additional padding.

For larger items that can't fit into boxes, wrap them in bubble wrap and, once in storage, cover them with moving pads. Position them at the back of the storage room, ensuring they are on a sturdy surface and not subjected to additional weight or pressure.

Responsible Recycling for Outdated Electronics

Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, electronics often become obsolete within three to five years. If you have personal electronics that are no longer in use, consider recycling them responsibly. Professional centers and stores like Best Buy accept old phones, computer parts, and more. This not only saves space but also contributes to the responsible disposal of electronic waste. The rare metals and components extracted during recycling can be repurposed for creating new products.

As you contemplate the best storage solutions for your electronics, these insights can significantly contribute to the longevity and preservation of your valuable gadgets. At StorPlace Self Storage, we prioritize the well-being of your stored items. For a convenient and secure self-storage experience, explore our extensive listings to find a storage unit near you. If you looking for storage in Murfreesboro, consider our 2079 Lascassas Pike Location.

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