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Navigating the Hot Seller's Market: How Self-Storage Can Ease Your Transition.

Chantal Joaquin-Starrett | August 6, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Sellers Housing Market

Well, you think to yourself, that just sounds dandy! You’re a seller, and as the English language tells us, the apostrophe means it’s your market! What a great time to be alive!

Dandy indeed, but what are you actually looking at when you’re ready to list your home for sale in this hot seller’s market and why, pray tell, is a self-storage manager chiming in on this conversation?

Believe it or not, I’m not setting you up for a list of reasons why you’re being led on by your real estate agent. You can reasonably expect for your house to sell quite quickly with a good chance of a buyer’s offer being above your initial asking price. This is all because the number of buyers in the area far outweigh the supply of properties for sale. On the buyer end, many have missed out on properties by waiting mere hours to call with an offer and others have found themselves attempting to outbid offers from other buyers.

This all still sounds pretty fun and fancy free to you, doesn’t it? In truth, the hardest part about being a seller today is not about making the sale. It’s about what comes after you’ve accepted the offer.

After you accept that offer, be it at your initial asking price or above, you’ll begin the process of vacating the property and moving into your new home! Wait, what new home? Ah, that’s right, now you’re a buyer, and it is most definitely not your market. This is where I come in.

Buying With Competitors

Over the course of the last year I’ve met an exorbitant amount of people who have found themselves displaced by this exact situation. While some may find it difficult to understand someone complaining about selling their house so quickly, I’ve seen firsthand the amount of stress a family can go through when they find they can’t find a new home in their ever-dwindling time frame. Others still are quick to realize that all the money gained from the sale of one home is going directly to the purchase of another, if they can even find one with the immense competition.

Consider Self Storage During The Transition

The solution I’ve been able to offer to many families in the Nashville and Murfreesboro area has been self storage. By storing the bulk of your belongings, you can drastically downsize the area needed for living accommodations. You now have the power to hold out for a market shift. The ability to wait it out by leasing a small apartment or boarding with friends or relatives can alleviate the anxiety of diving directly into the market and quite possibly settling for a home that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Whether you are moving from a four-bedroom home with a full patio or a small starter home, you can avoid this dilemma by taking advantage of what StorPlace Self-Storage has to offer.

Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

For example, if you are boarding with friends or relatives, it’s safe to say that they won’t have space for your couch or dining room table in their already furnished home. Placing these items in a heated and cooled storage unit ensures that your belongings will stay safe and in pristine condition, even if your stay extends longer than your initially expected.

 If renting an apartment or townhome is more your style, there is money to be saved by leasing a smaller place. With a space large enough for your essential items you can use self-storage in Murfreesboro to store the rest instead of renting a large space and taking the hit to your wallet in rent each month.

The more money you save in the interim, the more time and options you have when it comes to finding your new home. Part of being a successful seller is becoming a successful buyer, and StorPlace Self-Storage in Nashville is here to help.

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Chantal Joaquin-Starrett
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