Security Features You Need In Your Storage Facility

Security Features You Need In Your Storage Facility

Admin | December 15, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Security is a big consideration when selecting a self storage facility. While factors like price, access hours, and climate control are important, making sure that your belongings are safe should be high on your list. Here are the most important security features to look while trying to find your next self storage facility:

Must Have Features:

1. A Fence Surrounding Your Storage Facility:

For Storage facilities offering outdoor vehicle storage or drive-up units, a gated fence around the property is important. High fences with barbwire are common when trying to get un wanted vistors away from entering your items.

2. Gated Access With Keypad Entry:

Having access to a storage facility with keypad entry is very important. A facility should provide a gate code to allow tenants to enter the their storage facility. For interior units are door code to access important should be included

3. Camera Surveillance:

A 24-hour camera surveillance system is something else to consider. This system is typically monitored in the office by the on site manager.

4. Good Lighting:

Both indoor and outdoor areas should be well-lit with led lights. An added security feature is Motion sensitive lights that activate as it detects motion.

5. An Alarm System:

An alarm system is a basic standard that your storage facility should include.

Additional Security Features That Can Be Considered Upgrades:

6. A Stone Wall:

Instead of a fence, a high concrete or granite wall increases security. A wall is resistant to cutting and difficult to climb without a ladder.

7. Individually Alarmed Units:

While an overall alarm system is a must have. Having individually alarmed units give storage facilities a quicker response. There security and the police know exactly where the unwanted vistor is located.

8. Resident Manager:

Storage facilities with a manager living on site is a serious security upgrade. Having manager on site is a significant deterrent to potential theft.

9. Nokē Smart Entry:

Innovations in lock technology are on the up in up, with the Nokē Smart Entry system leading the way. This electronic lock eliminates traditional locks, allowing tenants to access units, gates, and buildings through a smartphone app. The Nokē system uses cloud-based technology and Bluetooth for secure entry without the need for gate codes or physical keys. While not yet widespread, finding a facility with Nokē Smart Entry is a positive indication of their commitment to advanced security measures.

In conclusion, a facility equipped with the essential security features mentioned above is likely to be a secure place for storing your belongings. However, it's advisable to compare options and choose a facility that aligns with your comfort and security preferences.

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