Chantal Joaquin-Starrett | May 9, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

There was great excitement for your first breath and there will probably be sorrow for your last breath!  So, it’s all the breaths in between that count for what life is all about!

Whether you enjoy a soft summer breeze, or an ocean mist, or maybe you enjoy being able to see your breath on a cold evening we all have one thing in common, the need to breathe!

Life all comes down to a breath.  A breath can be life-saving, or a moment to calm your thoughts, taking a deep breath for clarity.

Usually a breath is such a natural function there is no thought involved. It is an automatic, even mindless exercise. It seems magical almost, except for someone that struggles to breathe! Breathing during an asthmatic episode is like trying to open your mouth to breathe underwater or trying to breathe through a plastic bag.  Some have described it as trying to breathe with an elephant sitting on your chest.

Anything under a 90% oxygen level is considered low, because it takes approximately 75-80% to simply survive, aka your brain function, nervous system, circulation, etc. all being put into motion effortlessly by a single breath.

When you struggle to breathe your thoughts become this breath, and the next breath, and the next breath, etc. There is nothing else to think about because even talking requires more oxygen!

The struggle is not something you can come back to later, or put off for a few minutes, because you don’t have a few minutes when it comes breathing!

Know your triggers!  Smoke, pollution, perfume or cologne, aisles in a store where they have household cleaners, the list is endless!

If you’re blessed enough not to have to worry about it, take a deep breath and be thankful!



Join us on May 18th for the Lung Force Walk – Nashville on May 18, 2019 at 10:00 AM (CDT). You can also sign up to join StorPlace team members on “Team Katie (MeMaw)”.

Help defeat lung cancer and lung disease one step at a time.

Chantal Joaquin-Starrett
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