StorPlace Self Storage - Packing Supplies

Each StorPlace Self Storage facility offers a variety of packing supplies for your convenience. Listed below are our most popular packing supplies:

Small Box: Ideal for heavier items like books, CDs and dishes
Medium Box: Great for toys, collectibles and small appliances
Large Box: Use this for large household items such as computer equipment, lamps, clothing and cookware
X-Large Box: Ideal for bulky, lightweight items such as linens, pillows and comforters
Wardrobe Box: Use this box to store out of season clothes or for moving
Newsprint 10lbs: Use to wrap items for storage or shipping
3 rolls of Tape with Cutter
Packing Peanuts
Small Roll of Bubble Wrap
Large Roll of Bubble Wrap
Mirror Box
Box Kit: A great value. 10 small boxes, 7 medium boxes, 1 mirror box, 25 feet of bubble wrap, StorPlace tape
Kitchen Box Kit: A great value. 1 small mirror box, 10 small boxes, 7 medium boxes, 25 feet bubble wrap, 10 lbs of Newsprint, StorPlace tape

Packing supplies at StorPlace Self Storage

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